An Overview of Country Arbors

A Family Owned and Run Business

Country Arbors is owned and run by 4th and 5th Generation nurserymen (and ladies) of the Cultra Family.  The original family nursery was founded in Onarga Illinois in 1865. Terry and Donna Cultra purchased and re-established the nursery in Urbana, formally known as Wandell's Nursery, and in 1988 renamed it Country Arbors Nursery.  In the mid 90's Terry's two sons, Shane and Joe, joined the family business to learn the trade and continue on the family tradition that continues to this day. The 6th generation is already working at the nursery on Spring Breaks and holidays and we're looking forward to having new family join the business. 

Retail Garden Center

Country Arbors Nursery carries one of the largest inventories of plants, rocks, mulches, and garden accessories in Central Illinois.  We carry over 600 varieties of perennials and hundreds of thousands of annuals, all of which are grown right here at the Urbana location.  Country Arbors has a shade tree yard with thousands of trees above ground and ready to be planted.  The rest of the 25 acre sales yard is full of shrubs, vegetables, fruit trees, vines, and groundcovers. We are also the largest seller of bulk rock and mulch in Champaign Urbana.  Country Arbors has become THE one stop shop for everything you need for your garden and landscape.

Grown By Country Arbors

The goal of Country Arbors has always been to grow and produce the products that we sell.  Every year we add more plants that are supplied by our own greenhouses and fields.  Between the Urbana and Onarga locations, we grow 100% of our own perennials and annuals, thousands of our shade trees, and many of our own shrubs. One hundred percent healthy, locally grown plants is our ultimate goal and every year we move one step closer.  The Onarga facility increased production by 100% in 2013 and Country Arbors added several more thousand shade trees to the fields.  The rewards of our own production can be seen in the quality, variety, and prices.

Country Arbors Landscape Division

Country Arbors Nursery specializes in unique, customized landscape design and build, as well as installation services. Donna Cultra heads our landscape team backed by the most experienced installation crew in Central Illinois.  Our crew of Willie, Robert, and Hillarion have been installing landscapes for our customers for over 15 years.  Our customers come because of our reputation and come back because of Donna and our crew.  Our crew works at Country Arbors year round and are provided full health insurance by our nursery.  Country Arbors also installs plants that are in our yard.  Plants you can see, touch, and tag if you choose.  Many of the plants are grown within walking distance of the landscape office.  In short, our landscape division can provide the creativity, quality, and the years of experience that only a company with our size and history can provide.

Country Arbors Production Division

Country Arbors Nursery is the main for production facility for the our annuals and perennials. As mentioned above we grow over 600 varieties of perennials and close to have a million annuals and tropicals at our Urbana location. There are forty acres dedicated to the production of these items.  There is 100,000 square feet of greenhouse facilities currently dedicated to this production segment.  Our fields are lined with thousands of shade and ornamental trees as well as evergreens.  The same soil ( probably better) and conditions as the final resting spot in your landscape. 

Cultra Nurseries Production Division

Cultra Nurseries in Onarga, Illinois is the main production facility for container and field grown material for Country Arbors. Known for its great root building, sandy soil, Onarga has been considered the nursery capital of the Midwest for over 150 years.